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Donny N

Donny N

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The benefits of online learning can't be beat when it comes to earning your college degree. If you're on the fence about online classes vs. traditional classes, then read on about the (lucky) 13 benefits of taking college course online!

At one time, online colleges were rarely available – and when they were, the programs couldn’t hold a candle to traditional schools. Today, you can get an online degree in anything from business to history to nursing, and virtual programs provide you with a quality education.

With curriculum planning complete for the start of the academic year, technology and the role it is expected to play is high on the agenda for educators. Like all industries, the education sector is experiencing rapid change, driven by the impact of new technologies and what is often referred to as ‘digital disruption’. But while change is exciting, it seems there are still significant challenges to be addressed if recent ‘report cards’ are anything to go by.